Sunday, March 30, 2008

Yet Another Fable

I am a Mizo. Who cares

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Garth Hewitt on my Mind

Southern California has much for the adventure seeker or nature lover. From where I live, it is an hour's drive to the beach. A short drive up north, the San Andreas range opens up many other possibilities for the adrenalinized risk taker or even the faint hearted ease-rider. Seasonal skiing, trekking, trail biking and rock climbing are popular although I haven't yet tried any of them. I'll line them up for another time.

Yesterday's hike through the Claremont trail was planned to be the ease-rider option but it turned out a little more tasking than was planned. Aches aside, being away from concrete and steel for those six hours couldn't have been more refreshing. The spatially removed mind seems to hike through regions below those otherwise saturated with externalities and to open up recesses that delight surprisingly. In one such introspective frame, I was running this song by Garth Hewitt through my head but kept stumbling over the lines. Verses have never been my forte and melodic progressions register better than the deftly crafted word configurations. But for some instinctive reason, the lines rolled on as if rehearsed along with the occasional plugs for gaps that tripped the flow.

My best friends are all poets
and they're livin on the dole,
Where they learn to pay the penalty
of trying to feed the soul.
Observers on a highway
where it doesnt know its rhyme
Wielding words like a weapon
as they walk through space and time.

Water into wine
can be pearls before the swine
In a world that prefers
violence to verse.

Friday, March 14, 2008

A Fable

And the ruling party was. Re-instated by a resounding majority.